A few more random facts about me:
  • I was a wedding and event planner for over fifteen years. I miss some aspects of it, but my feet do not at all miss the 16-hour Saturdays!
  • I am an #ivfmom, and an open book for anyone who is going through fertility treatments. If you have questions or want to vent to someone who has been through it, please feel free to reach out.
  • I truly love connecting with all the families I photograph. Getting to know each of you and watching your kids grow makes me so happy!
  • Above all else, I love spending time with (and photographing!) my own family, especially my twins Henry and Julia... a few of my favorite shots of them can be found below.
When it comes to a photo session with me, there are a few things I can promise:
  • I will happily sing anything to get your toddler’s attention and/or win their affection, and pass zero judgment on whatever bribery you resort to for their cooperation. Your secrets are safe with me. 
  • You never need to apologize for your kids’ behavior while at a session (I mean, unless they intentionally try to break my camera, in which case I will graciously accept their forced apologies). Kids are kids and I don’t expect them to be anything else while in front of my lens.
  • You’ll see a sneak peek within 48 hours, and your full gallery in ~2 weeks or less. I’m just as impatient for you to see them as you are to receive them!

CHILDHOOD & FAMILY photographer

alison fopeano

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all things art & design

9-yr old

born & raised in cincinnati

200+ happy clients

-Emily S.

"The reason why I love the pictures so much is because of how real they FEEL - You did an absolutely amazing job capturing the moment for our family"